Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My closet: Lolita and Otome Wardrobe 2014

Hello dear readers, 

Each months, on EGL (International Lolita Community on Livejournal) there is "monthly" themes. And year January, the theme is: your wardrobe. The one and only time I did a wardrobe post was in 2009. This year I wanted to do it, because I changed a lot since my first Lolita years: I discovered the style around 2003/2004 but get involved into the fashion since 2005 when I got my first metmorphose skirt. My favourite brand, as long as I remember, was already Mary Magdalene. But by the time it was really hard to buy brands, especially MM. I used to try a lot of different styles -even Sweet, and YES Angelic Pretty- but in 2010 I sold all my wardrobe and by a classical one instead. Since then, I never sell something again and only... bought. So I have quite a nice collection now! My three favourite brands are Mary Madgalene, Jane Marple and Emily Temple Cute, so I have decided to show you first my main pieces from those three brands!

I forgot to take pics of my blouses, socks and tights. Next year! No shoes pics too, because, well... I am afraid, with my feet surgery, I will have to buy new ones... :(


Mary Magdalene

Emily Temple Cute

Jane Marple

Moi Même Moitié

Angelic Pretty

Baby the stars shine bright

Innocent World

Boleros, cardigans, jackets and coats

Innocent World,  Axes Femme

Baby the stars shine bright, Burton

Axes Femme, Angelic Pretty and Monoprix

H&M kids, Bodyline and Grafik Grafok

La petite bourgeoisie, Baby the stars shine bright and bodyline

Vintage, Baby the stars shine bright

Vintage, Walker Slater (Scottish Tweed)

Axes Femme and La petite bourgeoisie

Vintage (70s)




Mostly vintage!


ETC, Innocent World, Jane Marple


Vintage (40s and 70s)

Thanks for looking!

Nella Fragola