Wednesday, May 20, 2015

About the blog

Hello dear readers!

How are you?

Today post is about the blog, how I used to see it and how I want it to evolve in the next fews months; but also how you see it and would like to see in the future. I have been a blogger for years, I had many blogs in the past but the one which counts for me today is the one you are reading now. I've launched it in September, 2013. So, in three months, I will celebrate his two-years anniversary. Today I've reached 115,000 visitors, so I am really happy! 

I used to blog to express myself on some subjects I liked, to share my thoughts, my outfits, my inspiration. But It was personal, like talking to myself. When I opened this new blog, I never thought you would be so many to read it. It started slowly, but I felt overstressed because I wanted to do my best, but too much pressure don't help and I just lost control of it. I promised to post twice a week, which is barely impossible for me. Of course, I felt guilty, and I realized that a blog must be a pleasure for the readers but also for the person who write it.

 I still want my blog to be personal. My main goal is now to push it at the best I can do: better pictures quality, better text, and most important, I want my readers to be pleased and I want to share with you that pleasure. I want to have fun! I prefer to post only once a week (maybe less, like twice a month; I've made a choice already). I want to write for you. 

So I need YOU! 

  • What would you like to see on the blog?
  • Are you interested to be featured on the blog, as an artist or blogger?
  • What kind of post do you prefer?
  • Can you link to me your favourite post EVER I did on the blog? And tell me why you like it?

Contact me by mail or comment this post:


To achieve my aim, I'll take a break few weeks. I've decided to take a time without posting on the blog, to work on my layout, my text, and to think about what I want to do next. 

Last post the 24th of June, 2015 

(just a quick break, I'll be back soon in the summer!)

I'll tell you on the 24th the exact date I'll start blogging again, so stay tuned!

Pics which are not related to the post, but you are many readers to ask me about my hair! /// Des photos qui n'ont aucun rapport avec le texte de base, mais vu que vous êtes nombreux à me questionner sur mes cheveux ! 

Thanks for looking!

Nella Fragola