Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A quick update....

Hello dear readers!

I am doing a quick update today. First of all, I am really sorry not to have post lately on the blog, due to my feet surgery. Yes, I know, I am NOT writing with my feet (even if I think it would be awesome!) but I am so exhausted I don't feel enough fine to do anything. This is so frustrating... But I am getting better, so I am going to "live again", little by little. The only thing I've done it is my portfolio project (I've launched it through a crowdfunding on indiegogo) of my modeling pinup and fetish pics (which I won't post here, because I'd like to keep my blog reachable by everybody). I am now waiting for the photos (next week!!!!) but I've already received my cardboard folder designed by Messalyn, and all the envelops for the shipping. 

Now, I want some simple changes in my life; I've lost my job few months ago. I was not happy while working in that company but I now have to work a lot on my personal aims if I want them to be achieved. Sometimes I freak out when realizing I am trying to live as a "freelance". But I'll give it a try- I couldn't know if it is possible if I don't try, don't I?

First step was to dye my hair; I wanted some physical change (new feet, new me? It's something in that taste, definitely!). I've always dreamt of pastel hair but I never felt able to assume it. Now, it's done! I won't keep this color long but I am still happy. For the moment I am more magenta than.... pastel pink, my hair goal in the end. Some friends told me I look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid (and I am kind of proud about that statement actually!)

I won't make another promise about posting every Wednesday and Saturday, but I am hoping I will able to do it, at least, in one month! 

First day of my colour! / Premier jour de ma couleur!

Two days later, I've done a first shampoo, and I love how the colour turned to! I'll keep in touch about it. / Deux jours après, j'ai fait un premier shampoing and j'ai beaucoup aimé la tournure qu'à prit ma couleur !  Je vous tiendrais régulièrement au courant de l'évolution.